Vebair Srl

viale Verbano, 48
21026 Gavirate
Varese - Italy

Centrifugal fans
and axial fans, tunnel ventilators
and dust extractor
for industrial ventilation

Is to exceed customer expectations building fans ventilators that provide the best air quality, are low energy consumption, are cheaper to run and last longer. Therefore we focus on:

  • Exceptional quality and reliable products
  • Competitive prices
  • Innovative engineering design
  • Superior customer service and support

Through a continuous effort to improve quality and adherence to the highest ethical standards, we make the following commitments in respect of our:

  • Customers: To be an organization that is measured by the contribution we make to our customers' success.
  • Employees: To foster an environment which creates pride in both the individual's and company's achievements.
  • Representatives: To maintain successful relationships by offering competitive products, responsive service, and fairness in day-to-day dealings.
  • Environment: to share a collective responsibility for the environment building fans that prevent wasteful over ventilation thereby reducing energy consumption.
  • Industry: To take an active role in the air-movement industry, foster integrity, and further the public's interest.