Vebair Srl

viale Verbano, 48
21026 Gavirate
Varese - Italy

Centrifugal fans
and axial fans, tunnel ventilators
and dust extractor
for industrial ventilation


We provide a range of services for efficient and reliable operation of the fans. Our extensive experience allows us to offer most of the services even irrespective of fan manufacturer. All these services are aimed at

  1. Reducing energy consumptions
  2. Reducing energy costs
  3. Reducing operative costs
  4. Optimizing plants rentability
  5. Increasing plants life time

They can be summarized as:

- Planning Assistance
Our sales team and consulting technicians are always at your reach anytime, anywhere. Our team assists you in finding a suitable solution for you. We deal with every aspect of your project such as: space availability, cost factors, individual specifications.

- Customer Specific Development
Our custom-engineered products are designed to provide each customer with a project that meets his individual needs. We always focus on the specific needs of our customers. Our products meet specific flow, pressure, temperature, leak integrity, and configuration requirements.

- Factory Test Service
If desired we will test the performance parameters of your fans according to valid standards and guidelines.

- Warranty Services
All our products have 18 months warranty that can be extended with a maintenance contract service agreement

- Maintenance Services
We are able to operate on new and existing plants providing revision services, preventative maintenance, routine maintenance.

Some customers said:

"Due to the low maintenance of our fans we were obliged to stop our production for 10 minutes. We could have bought two new fans for the production lost in ten minutes unscheduled down time!"

"...We've cut back on maintenance staff, so it's reassuring to have Vebair personell come in to keep all our fans healthy."