Vebair Srl

viale Verbano, 48
21026 Gavirate
Varese - Italy

Centrifugal fans
and axial fans, tunnel ventilators
and dust extractor
for industrial ventilation


- Preventative maintenance services
The preventative maintenance service option gives fan users a choice of on-site services according to the needs and economics of the plant. On-site service contract is proposed to Vebair's fan as a preventative maintenance complement to good in service procedures and routine maintenance.

- On-site optimization services
On-site maintenance services can be negotiated for both Vebair fan and other fan manufacturers to suit the individual needs of the fan user. On-site maintenance contracts have proved most effective in extending fan life on larger production plants, running many fans which were supplied from a variety of manufacturers over several years. Operating costs have been significantly reduced, efficiency increased and expensive emergency action minimized

- Refurbish service option
If time allows, a fan can be taken out of service for refurbishing. This is usually an economical practice to keep fans performing efficiently.

- Spares recommandation services
On request, we will suggest a schedule of spares to be held in stock so that, in the event of fan malfunction, down-time can be minimized. Our recommendation can take into consideration all fans on larger plants to exploit the benefits of inter changeability and typically, will include consumable items such as grease, bearings and drive belts. Long term spares may also include a reserve impeller.